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Information is beautiful: Click here and scroll until you see this:

Flowing Data: Click here

VizWorld: Click here

How to make your own:



10 Fun Tools to Make Infographics

Mrs. Yates powerpoint used in class today


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79 thoughts on “Infographics

  1. Tyler Thacker on said:

    hi i cant talk

  2. Reid McIntire on said:

    This is my favorite infographic because it’s a creative way to instruct you on how to decide if an app will be helpful to buy for your smartphone, or if you should not buy it.

  3. Evan Gallaty on said:

    found cool infographic about your voice in the government

  4. Katie Klem on said:

    I found an interesting infographic at on why freeways come to a stop. Take a look at it.

  5. I found this cool College Student Spending Habits Info graphic, , it is the very first one.

  6. Megan Centers on said:

    Here is a infographic that tells you about yourself based on what color clothes you wear….what are you like?

  7. Taylor Christie on said:
    This was my Favorite Infographic. It shows the colors of different logos that are popular, in an arranged order. It is very cool!

  8. Mattie Toone on said:

    This is amazing! I have always made fun of my dad for always getting silly things off thew internet and now I know the percentages of how many people actually buy certain things off the web!!

  9. Garrett Eich on said:

    This is an infoghraphics that tells about college dorm spending, and what their main priorities are.

  10. this is pretty interesting

  11. Cage Street on said:

    Looking at infographics is FUN!!!My favorite is this one about food,r:0,s:0,i:72&surl=1&safe=active&surl=1

  12. Katie Klem on said:

    Heres my favorite infographic that I found. it shows the amount of people who play Farmville on facebook compared to the amount of people who actually farm, how much “farmland” was created on Farmville within the first 15 months to how many acres of farmland are in the U.S. Also it portrays how many women play on Farmville to how many women actually farm.

  13. This is all about different popular sites on the internet and it color corddinated them! It’s cool

  14. this is a great picture and explains about young people and them developing. this is a great infographic!

  15. Brianna Bellm on said: This one is about summer, different drinks, beaches, and hotels!

  16. Tyler Thacker on said:

    this is a infograph about farmville its so true

  17. Macy Cato on said:
    Mine is about all the different things on the web that are visited frequently. It is also very colorful!

  18. Riley Holzmeyer on said:
    This about the top 100 viewed websites. Pretty neat!

  19. Macy Cato on said:

    Brianna I love yours!

  20. Madison Meese on said:

    I really like this infographic. It shows information about social media!

  21. Schuyler Hinton on said:

    Found a pretty cool infographic about where Americans play mobile games. I play them in those places anyways, besides work and school.

  22. Wow! Mrs. Yates will love this! I searched most traveled places in the U.S.A and this websites was on there? How is this travelling?! This is so neat though.

  23. Hannah Garrett on said:

    This infographic is very educational because it showcases how cars have changed in our society and over the years. It is well thought out and the way it is organized makes it easy to read and understand.

  24. I found a pretty cool infographic.
    It is about which fast food resturant has the most likes on facebook and how many followers on twitter

  25. I found this very intriguing infographic about the cities in the U.S. that spend the most on fast food. It also explains where the most McDonald’s, Burger King, and such are located.

  26. Ryan Lockard I found an awesome infographic about Usian Bolt being faster than a T-Rex

  27. My infographic is about why to use Google instead of any other search engine. I never knew there were so many reason to switch.

  28. I found an awesome infographic on social media. it shows how many people are on facebook, myspace, & many other sites! It is number 2 on this website

  29. Caleb Burkdoll on said:

    – this is a meme progression infographic

  30. Alyssa Leffler on said:

    This infographic is about how much sleep different people receive each night!

  31. Here is an infographic on the obesity in the United States. You have to scroll down towards the bottom.

  32. This is about fast food chains. It describes what cities spend the most on fast food and which fast food links are most popular in cities.

  33. Emily Gulledge on said:

    I found this and I thought it was pretty cool. I like how it has colors and extra information. Go down to Feel Good.

  34. Here is my infographic again. Itis about why we should use Google instead of any other search engine.

  35. Here is an infographic i found. I like it because it shows everything you need to know about how to make ice cream!

  36. jonathan woodward on said: / This is my favorite infographic because it shows the top 10 fast food places in the top 5 social media places.

  37. Peyton Biddle on said:

    This is an infographic i found on tiger extiction

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