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Conjunction Junction. . . .

Today we finally hit the last part of speech during our language part of class.  Conjunctions.  Who knew that Conjunction Junction from Schoolhouse Rock was such a hit?  The students begged to watch it.  Since time didn’t allow today–we will start the class period off with it tomorrow!

We spent a little more time reviewing prepositions and other parts of speech today as well.  The final Exit Ticket on parts of speech is THIS FRIDAY!

Next, we looked at the six pieces of criteria for evaluating credible websites: authorship, accuracy, currency, content, purpose, and design. Then, students were given a handout (download from yesterday’s detective post) with almost 30 websites.  They had to use the rubric to figure out if the websites were credible or not.

There was some great discussion on the websites and students had fun looking at some “kooky” websites!



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One thought on “Conjunction Junction. . . .

  1. Hannah Garrett on said:

    The practice today really helped me, and those medical websites freaked me out ALOT.

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