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Independent Learning Arrives

Today we changed class was taught and who did the teaching.  I gave the class the learning goals/assignments for the day. (This time, there was a lot of details.) Then-set some norms for how the class would run. And then, they were off! They were allowed to spread out, listen to music, go at their own pace, and help one another as needed.  It was amazing! One student even commented that today she didn’t accomplish as much–but she learned a ton! The students really seemed to enjoy it and asked to have more of these days sprinkled in.  I LOVE to see them learning in new ways!

Free reading books need to be in class on Monday!

There will be classtime to work on Monday following a couple quick activities that need to be completed.   You may work on your assignments over the weekend–but they are not due until Monday afternoon.


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One thought on “Independent Learning Arrives

  1. Schuyler Hinton on said:

    hey i’m in one of these!

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