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Tools for Today

How to write a literary response: (Please THOROUGHLY read these links and be ready to discuss/write tomorrow!)

Literary Response-What is it? Quick overview

Step by Step Theme Literary Response Paper Guide

Step by Step Character Analysis Literary Response Paper Guide

Step by Step Plot Summary Literary Response Paper Guide


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8 thoughts on “Tools for Today

  1. Thank you for putting up these websites to help us with our skills!

  2. Kenan Lochmueller on said:

    I always done well in writing, but this stuff is gonna make my writing skills even better!!!

  3. Andrew Carranza on said:

    Thanks for these links. It will really help me with the literary responses.

  4. Tanner Brust on said:

    Thank you

  5. Nathan Steele on said:

    Wow! I think I might actually get these now!

  6. Sydnee Perkins on said:

    Thank You Mrs. Yates this blog is a very helpful tool!

  7. Hannah Garrett on said:

    Oh my gosh, that third link has just completed my life. I will definitely use the character sketch tips for any future stories I will write. THANK YOU MRS.YATES!!!

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