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And then there were Adverbs

Please be sure to have a free reading book with you on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Between now and then–find time to stop by the library so you will be prepared for Monday.

The time to order Scholastic books is winding down.  If you are interested please go to and use the Activation Code: L7L3T.  This will ensure our class gets the credit and will allow us to build our classroom library.

Reminder to students: What is the homework EVERY NIGHT? That’s right! READ THE BLOG!

I realize I am very behind on entering grades into RDS.  Please know that behind the scenes I am working on getting everything graded, recorded, and uploaded.  This year is very different with the new standards and there seems to not be enough hours in the day.  I hope to have them updated by the end of the weekend.  THANK YOU for your patience!!

We spend a few minutes reading Bridges with a History.  A short piece of  informational text.  After a brief discussion on text structure, we put it aside.  It will be used tomorrow as part of our literary response activity.


We checked our answers from last night on adjectives.  I believe we still need to practice a little more–but it is becoming easier each time! Hence, the practice! 😉 We moved on today to the adjectives cousin–the Adverb.  

I also passed out the adverb/adjective cheat sheet.  Here is a copy of the Adjective vs Adverb “cheat sheet.” We worked a few exercises on our desks with dry erase markers and then time caught up with us.

Finally–students were reminded to check the blog each night.  Tonights homework come directly from the blog and the students will need to go through each link and read the information so they are ready to start class tomorrow.


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6 thoughts on “And then there were Adverbs

  1. Schuyler Hinton on said:

    well i guess i did the homework, it was checking the blog right? That’s what the blog said the homework is but i want to make sure that there wasn’t any homework that i could have forgotten about .

  2. aryanna fellows on said:

    Where is the literary response link located? I am using my phone and cannot find it.

  3. Aryanna Fellows on said:

    Nevermind. I found it:)

  4. Elizabeth Brown on said:

    Had fun learning about adverds!!

  5. Tanner Brust on said:

    That day was very fun!

  6. her class is so awsome

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