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Everywhere Adjectives




Today we began class with another DLR.  (Daily Language Review) If you are absent today–you can find the link and the instructions in your email.

I took a few moments to applaud my students and the EXCELLENT job they have been doing this year.  They are rolling with all the news things being thrown at them: new grading system, new standards, emphasis on technology, and the 21st Century Skills.  They never complain.  They just accept the new things happening and when we have a glitch with an assignment or the technology–they are patient as we go on this new journey together! I couldn’t be more pleased with the hard work and effort they are putting in daily!!

We had our final discussion on discussions! Today we covered small group discussions and 1 on 1 discussions.  Soon, we will be having some discussions to put that knowledge into practice.

We then moved onto a writing practice.  The plan today was an email assignment.  Students were given a specific set of instructions to follow and were asked to include in the body two specific goals for our class this year and their thoughts on the NETS (technology standards) were going to improve their 21st Century Skill set.  If students did not finish this assignment, they will need to complete it tonight for homework and email it to me when it is complete.

Finally, we practiced some more with adjectives today.  Students were asked to highlight the nouns and underline the adjectives-drawing arrows to the noun they modify. Most did not finish it and will need to take it home to complete.

NOTE: The students in my 3rd block have their Google Search tip presentations due tomorrow.  Students should be able to SHOW us their Google tip–not just stand in front of the room and talk about it!

*A comment on the blog today-could earn you a bonus tomorrow!*



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13 thoughts on “Everywhere Adjectives

  1. Lindsay on said:

    I love the blog! It helps all of us stay up to date with everything. thank you!

  2. mattie toone on said:

    I had a blast in first block today! I enjoyed r-mailing Mrs. Yates our personal goals for her classroom! I am feeling good about this number heading now too!

  3. I am really excited about all the changes being made!! I am actually coming to like and understand the new grading scale! Can’t wait for a great year!!

  4. Katelyn Le on said:

    I really like using technology more instead of using paper and pencils! The grading scale seems very difficult but I’m up to the challenge! This will be a great year! 😀

  5. Sydney Stippler on said:

    I really enjoy this class and the new things I get to learn each day! I am now understanding some things that I never really got last year. 🙂

  6. Peyton Biddle on said:

    The email assignment was pretty easy. I tried to sound sophisticated. Hope I didn’t sound British or anything O_O

  7. Taylor Christie on said:

    thanks for being so positive! I enjoy your class and everything we are learning!

  8. Hannah Garrett on said:

    I am starting to understand adjectives a bit more than already did, so this will really help my writing skills~

  9. I am so excited about your class but it will take time. I go from Volleyball to Soccer then home to eat and get a shower so it is pretty crazy. I will try to keep working hard though and I am glad I have a great teacher like you to help.

  10. CBURKDOLL on said:

    Got done with the email assign. and the hw. Finally, some time to myself

  11. Josie Ault on said:

    I really want to thank you for teaching me about technology. It has helped me excel in all my classes . I’m so happy I start my mornings off with your class(:

  12. Kenan Lochmueller on said:

    I’m in second block and I LOVED IT!!!! We work on adjectives, which I’m not the best on so I think I’m going to learn a lot the next few days!!!!

  13. Schuyler Hinton on said:

    This blog helps me keep track of anything we do, so I love it.

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