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Finally Friday

First–exciting news! Teachers were asked yesterday to submit anything new and exciting taking place to EVSC so we can be featured.  I sent them our blog.  It was featured on the EVSC Facebook page today! VERY exciting!!!

Today was a mis-matched type of day where we caught up on a few things, answered lots of questions, reviewed for a few, prepared for next week and ended the week with our Exit Ticket.

We spent the first few minutes with Friday’s Journal–Based on last week’s goals-what action steps are you going to put into place to see them attained?  Students should use the form found in either their email or last Friday’s blog to submit their answer.

Then we talked about last week’s Exit Ticket exam on Nouns & Pronouns.  We also discussed the new grading system in place.  No longer the world of A,B,C,D,F instead 3+,3,2,1.  It is hard to make the change-but together-we are making great strides.  Standards-Based grading and the proficiency scale will show the students (and parents) so much more about the individual grades.

We spent the last part of the block taking this week’s Exit Ticket. Review of Nouns and Pronouns & Verbs.  When students finished they were asked to spend a few minutes preparing for Tuesday’s discussion on “How to have a small group or 1 on 1 discussion.”


When you finish–upload your screencast to your Google Docs.  Once it is loaded, on the bottom left of your screen–you should see Collections shared with me. (You might have to click the drop down menu.) You should see your Block period listed there.  Drag your video into that folder.  Now–it is shared with me. Easy!

Parent Notes: (Questions should be passed along to the office.  This is just for informational purposes.)

These are a few things that have come up for discussion here at school.  I thought you might want to know as well–and thought this would be a great place to share them.  They are school-wide announcements–but since you might not get all the answers at home–just wanted to pass my knowledge along.  😉

Netbook Protocols:  Mike Clem is only here part-time, so he is planning to handle tech issues during Commons time at the bookstore window on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week.  We still do not have netbooks for some students.  We are hoping to get them in early next week.  Mr. Clem has a list of students who need a netbook and will call them down to distribute.  We do have some cases left over.  If a student doesn’t have one because they attended a school outside of EVSC last year, please have them let Mr. Clem know during the Commons time.  Google login issues and My Big Campus issues are handled by another tech representative.

Policy Reminders:

  • Backpacks (including draw string) are not allowed in the classrooms
  • Sandals are allowed, but flip flops and slides are not.
  • Girls shirts need to have all but one button buttoned

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