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Making Connections


Today–hopefully–all of my students, should be reading this blog–since our bellringer was to sign up to follow this blog.  Especially for times like this–when last minute decisions are made about assignments!

Next, we worked on making connections: text to text, text to self, text to world, and text to media.  After a quick discussion and notes on that–we moved on to the story Charles.

Once we finished Charles (by Shirley Jackson), we were able to look at the text structure-sequence.  I told the students to start a chart on their desks and label 5 weeks. (The number of weeks discussed in the story.) Here’s what I loved: they all did it differently–but got the same answer and same results.

Finally we ended the period with some more verb practice.  Students should’ve received the link to the practice form in their email.  Once a large amount of answers are submitted–I will run the script that will allow me to grade the paper and email the students their grades and answers.  Please check your school email tonight if you’d like to see how you did.

Tomorrow is our Exit Ticket on Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs! Please be sure you look over your notes tonight so we are better prepared this week!

A few tips:

Here is a short movie on some of the common Google Search tips many of you have to demonstrate–take a few minutes to watch it tonight.

Also, don’t forget–when looking for help–be sure to Google something like “Google search tutorial + quotation marks,”  “Google search tutorial + Link:” etc.

We were shown today that using your webcam will allow you to capture your screen.  Instead of streaming your picture, like many of you like to do, there is  button that will let you share your screen.  If you play around with it–I think all of you can figure it out.  The video is stored in your documents, in the webcam and then videos folder. (I’ll try to show you in class tomorrow.)

Remember–when you have a question about how to do something–figure out ways to find the answer on your own–BEFORE you run to ask me.  (Google, YouTube, Internet source, etc) Happy to help-but try to put those search skills to good use!

ASK me tomorrow about the LiveBinderIT tool.  I think those of you using LiveBinders will really be excited with this handy tool!


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One thought on “Making Connections

  1. Tanner Brust on said:

    Cool, but i already finished mine… guess i can work on it more! Thanks for this heads up!

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