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Ready. Set. Google!

Today was another great day in the Husky Hallways! Here was our agenda:


Today’s DLR (Daily Language Review) was once again emailed to the students.  They were able to complete the assignment online and then take a screen shot of the final answer page and email it to me to show they completed the assignment.  I am still amazed at how great they are at doing this and how much easier it is to grade/check them as I can just scroll through my email.

We then transitioned  back to a little verb talk.  We reviewed intransitive and transitive verbs.  As we got ready to do a quick exercise on scrap paper–a student in my second block said,

“Mrs. Yates-I thought we were trying to use less paper.  How about we write on our desks?”

GENIUS! And so. . . we did!


No worries–they were dry erase markers! 🙂

Then, we took our block break! We came back into the world of Google. We started with an intro to A Google A Day. 

Students loved this idea and asked for this to be our bellringer every now again. Permission granted!

Next, we took a look at some 15 second Google Search tips. (Go to YouTube and search for 15 second Google Search tips to see what I mean.)

I then showed them how to create a screencast using  Next, each student drew a search tip out of my bucket.  The assignment: to create a 15-25 second tutorial using that tip.  Must show the screen while providing the tip.

The biggest learning curve was after I gave them the assignment I enforced a 7 minute-NO QUESTION ZONE.  They had to figure out their questions–without using me for the answer.  HELLO NETBOOK + GOOGLE! These presentations will be due on Friday.  Students do not have to use Screen-cast-o-matic to produce the clip–ActivInspire has a screen recorder tool included as well. And it always works! 😉 (Students know what I mean here!)


Students–if you sign up to follow my blog and then leave a comment below–you might just get a bonus “5” tomorrow!


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12 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Google!

  1. mattie toone on said:

    Had a lot of fun today in class today! I never even knew we could take screenshots?! Learned something new!(:

  2. Peyton Biddle on said:

    Hi Mrs. Yates~! Lovin’ my new advanced class~

  3. Sydney Stippler on said:

    Love the blog! I like how you are teaching us through the net books instead of on paper, because I can learn things about technology that I never even knew about. 🙂

  4. John Parker on said:

    Had a great had great day today in class

  5. Alex Majors on said:

    I think my video will impress some people. I just finished a couple of minutes ago.

  6. Hi Mrs. Yates. I love learning in your class and I can’t wait to have a good year.

  7. C.J. Wasson on said:


  8. Today was amazing in your class. I also got one of the easiest assignments

  9. I think this assignment using the sreen cast will be challenging, but very fun.

  10. Had a fun day in class yesterday! Can’t wait to have a great year!

  11. Danielle on said:

    English is usually boring to me but this class is kind of fun.

  12. Megan Centers on said:

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I am very nervous, and excited for the new way of learning English and how we are graded!

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