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Discussion on Discussion?!

First, let me start today by telling you what I hear as I sit to type this blog.  Dings of emails rapidly entering my inbox.  While one might be worried about the crazy influx of emails–what you don’t see–is that they are all coming from my students.  Students who are turning in their assignments today.  All of them. It is music to this teacher’s ears!

We began the day with our DLR! (Daily Language Review)  The advanced classes attempted to become Grammar Ninja’s by playing the mastery section of this online game. Then, so I could verify their participation-and check their score, students had to take a screenshot of their results and email me the results.  (mini lesson on Chrome vs Internet Explorer–Chrome wins!, how to take a screenshot, how to use the “snippit” tool on the netbook, how to import screenshot into email, how to follow directions!)  The regular classes were emailed their DLR and had the option of doing it on paper or importing the jpeg image into ActivInspire and using a flipchart to complete the assignment.

Once we completed this, we embarked on a discussion on discussion.  How do we have a large group discussion? What rules/norms need to be in place? What things do we need to consider to be successful? As a group, we brainstormed many ideas on the Promethean Board:



Notice the highlighted sections.  I gave the students time, as small groups, to discuss what was really important and help create class norms.  When each group shared out, any idea that was repeated, I marked in a different color.  The students were pleased with their efforts and it was truly a great discussion on discussion.

With the few minutes remaining, we talked about verbs! Definition of a verb and then transitive and intransitive verbs.  Since our first exit ticket and formative assessments–students are more aware of how important it is to take notes and stay focused. (We did have a mini-lesson on various ways to take notes-not with paper and pencil–and how to upload them into the online binders using Google Docs in the advanced classes as well.) We had just a couple of minutes to try a practice exercise.–>  Access eck-8002–> Chapter 15 Verbs–>  2nd exercise on Transitive Verbs–> Screenshot of results emailed to Mrs. Yates.


Another great day!! So proud of how well the students are using their netbooks and the focus they show each day on the work we must accomplish.  Also–the patience they demonstrate as we are finding our way with the technology and all the glitches it loves to throw at us! First period-especially!! 🙂

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One thought on “Discussion on Discussion?!

  1. Samantha DiNovo on said:

    Good afternoon =)
    My son is Jonathan Woodward and I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. I like knowing what is going on in your class as well as understanding what my son is talking about when he discusses his day with me. So thank you!!

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