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A peek inside our classroom everyday!

Welcome to the digital world!

And so it begins. . .

Last year when I was able to spend the year as an eLearning coach, I had the opportunity to learn about so many incredible tools to use in the classroom.  Today, I was able to begin putting some of those pieces together.  Students began creating their online binders–instead of the common 3 ring-paper consuming ones.  It was so exciting watching them create this piece and add items to it.  I can’t wait to see all the ways that this binder increases their learning and becomes their go-to tool. They were able to copy the link from the website/binder they created into a Google form I created so I can keep each classes digital binders together. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! This is so exciting!


We spent a few more minutes with pronouns and their antecedents today in preparation for tomorrow’s first exit ticket exam.

We also had a great discussion about informational text structures and created this anchor chart to help us remember. Students were then able to take a picture of the chart or save from an email I sent them so they can add this picture to their binder notes in the RI section.


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