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Netbooks are HERE!

Today was another crazy day in Yatesville.  Copy machines have been broken, technology not cooperating, schedules have changed, and today. . . we enter netbook world.  Retrieving the netbooks, testing them, playing on them, and trading out broken ones took a large majority of our class time today.  We spent some time doing our Daily Language Review and began our discussion of text structures, but found getting our netbooks set up-was the main focus of the day.

Honors students are to find a resource that will work best for them to use a digital binder instead of a paper one this year.   A few resources would be livebinders, weebly, Google Sites, Wikispaces.  If a student finds something else, they are welcome to use that as well.  I will spend a great deal of time this unit walking them through the steps on how to build this online binder so as the year progresses, they will become quite quick at utilizing skills to be a 21st century scholar.

My 3rd block, Periods 5-6, need to have their binder and tabs in class by the end of this week.  We need to move forward and without their binders, they will not be able to keep everything organized.

Tomorrow we are going to play catch up and finish our discussion of text structures, pronouns, and maybe a bit more discussion of online binder sites. Friday will be our first EXIT TICKET on Nouns and Pronouns.


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